Jann Keenan–
CLG Emerita Member

Jann Keenan

For over 20 years, Jann Keenan has advocated for the health and welfare of patients through her work in health literacy. This public health educator delivers high quality results, so her customers can deliver exceptional patient outcomes. Often invited as a national presenter, Jann offers lively workshops and trainings that equip participants to “hit the ground running.” As a featured speaker, she has presented at CMS, Harvard University, Joint Commission, USDA, Kidney Fund, and World Pharmacology, among others.

In 1995 Jann formed The Keenan Group – experts in Health Literacy in Maryland. In 2006 she opened her second office in New York.

Jann’s health literacy articles are published in American Family Physician, Vascular Health & Risk Management, Correct Care, and Pharmaceutical Executive.

Jann currently…
  • Writes/designs nationally recognized booklets, posters, newsletters, and curricula—more than 300 items to date. Jann has received multiple “Gold” awards from NIH for her unique “from scratch” writing approach.
  • Creates engaging websites, kiosks, and exhibits for Pfizer, Yale, NLM, and Brigham & Women’s.
  • Delivers comprehensive social marketing campaigns with health literacy at their core. With two dozen initiatives under her belt, Jann undertakes interviews and focus groups so clients know their approach is spot on.
  • Continues to bridge the gap in health disparity. Jann has received Maryland’s Governor’s Award, Maryland’s Black Legislative Caucus, and Maryland’s House of Delegates Citations for her service.
  • Promotes medical adherence. Jann’s work was integral in developing the labels used on U.S. OTC products.
  • Script writes and produces MP3s and DVDs for CDC, MD WIC, and NCI.
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