Research and Business Collaborations

Build a team with our expertise.

When you need health literacy, plain language, or cross-cultural communication expertise to carry out a research project or business strategy, turn to the Clear Language Group. We offer knowledge, skills, and experience you can trust. As skilled collaborators, our members work well with your staff and outside advisory experts. 

We collaborate as team members with:

  • Health care delivery systems
  • Public health organizations
  • Businesses: insurance, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies
  • Government agencies
  • Academic groups
  • Non-profits

You can trust us to:

  • Bring expertise and up-to-date research knowledge about health literacy, plain language, and cross-cultural communication
  • Work with you in a flexible way, adjusting to your schedules and your changing needs
  • Help you get the information, skills, and results you seek
  • Maintain confidentiality