Teaching and Curriculum Development

Design curriculum to activate learners.

CLG members are committed to engaging learners in the classroom, the community, and online through a learner-centered approach. Our thoughtful instructional design makes learning fun, interactive, and skills-focused.

We teach:

  • Clinical and public health professionals, faculty, and students about evidence-based communication techniques to improve health outcomes
  • Community-based adult educators and learners, as well as K-12 teachers and students, how to integrate health and literacy to improve learning and self-advocacy

 We create curricula for health professionals and students including:

  • Population trends that emphasize the need for closing the communication gap
  • Evidence-based practices in health literacy and health communication
  • Integrating health literacy and cultural competency interventions
  • Skill building in plain language and document design

We create curricula for educators and learners including how to:

  • Access health care—navigating the system, learning how health insurance works
  • Take medicines—reading medication labels, calculating dosages, measuring amounts
  • Search for health information on the Internet—learning basic computer skills, determining content accuracy, identifying reliable information sources
  • Increase self-advocacy—accessing preventive services including wellness check-ups and cancer screenings