Know Your Audience

Want to Ensure the Success of your Product
or Project?

The first, most basic step is to know your audience. Using social marketing principles, Clear Language Group members will help you develop a strong understanding of the people you want to reach. Here’s how.

Community connections

CLG members have established connections to diverse communities across the country. We work with these communities to learn about their health beliefs and practices, barriers to care, and other critical health care concerns.

Involving the audience

CLG members solicit and incorporate audience feedback during each stage of your project. We involve intended audience members in all aspects of program, material, and website development.

We conduct needs assessments, individual interviews, and focus groups to gather audience feedback at multiple stages of development. Using this information, we help you tailor the content and design of your print materials and websites. 

Access to adult learners

We work extensively with adult learners (individuals enrolled in literacy programs) to help ensure that your programs, materials, and websites are easy to use and understand.