Lorena Sprager

Lorena Sprager

Lorena Sprager brings over 25 years’ experience working with Latinos to promote health, facilitate access to services, and develop leadership. Her approach is to honor traditions and build on assets. In Hood River, Oregon, she heads the health literacy firm of Lorena Sprager and Associates. She is also a team member at Nuestra Comunidad Sana (Our Healthy Community) of The Next Door, Inc. This was one of the first Community Health Worker programs in the nation. She serves on the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities Region X Health Equity Coalition.


  • User testing with listening sessions, focus groups and individual interviews, Spanish and English
  • Adapting materials to plain Spanish language and for cultural appropriateness
  • Providing translation, translation quality assurance, and back translation
  • Developing and supporting Community Health Worker programs
  • Promoting equity and inclusion


Recent work includes:

Lorena is dedicated to providing the highest quality tools that empower Latinos to improve health and wellness.

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