Sample Presentations

The Mismatch between Individuals’ Health Literacy and the Demands of Healthcare Organizations
  • Health care system challenges for patients and consumers, even for the highly educated
  • Special needs of consumers who have limited reading skills or who come from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • How organizations can implement health literacy strategies to better reach all patients
Materials Design
  • Learn how text, design, and visuals can help you reach your intended audience
  • Understand and identify what makes materials reader-friendly
Cross Cultural Communication
  • Increase awareness of cultural differences that affect the delivery of quality health care and information
  • Learn what to consider when translating and interpreting across languages and cultures
Audience Research
  • Learn how to get valuable consumer and patient input and feedback to shape your materials for improved understanding and usability
Beyond Print
  • Look beyond the written word and learn ways to increase the involvement of consumers, patients, and customers in their health and healthcare
  • Learn how to connect with individuals who don’t read at all
Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Assess your current programs and develop new initiatives that meet the cultural and literacy needs of your patients, clients, and communities
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