Spanish Language Expertise

CLG members have particular expertise working in Spanish and reaching the Latino population in the United States. We can help ensure that your Spanish-speaking clients can understand and act on your health information.

Our Spanish language services include:

  • Plain Language Adaptation
    Translation into Spanish often increases the complexity and reading level of written text. CLG maintains content integrity while ensuring that plain English is adapted and translated into plain Spanish. Your Spanish-speaking clients will get the same accessible content as your English-speaking clients.
  • Cultural Adaptation
    Straight translation from English to Spanish may not appeal to or be appropriate for your Spanish-speaking audience. We take a more nuanced approach, adapting the information so that it is linguistically and culturally appropriate.
  • Translation Quality Assurance
    We offer back translation services from Spanish to English, to ensure that your original translation into Spanish is accurate. We provide an independent check of translation and adaptation quality.

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